Al Pruno Restaurant

A refined pleasure with a Tuscan taste

An exclusive location with a modern and romantic essence, where traditional Tuscan dishes live a respectful revisitation and a realization with cutting-edge culinary techniques.
Selected and quality products, the charm of the variety of flavors and combinations: these are the ingredients of the cuisine of our “Al Pruno” Restaurant.
For a pleasant combination of pleasure for sight and palate, a bucolic and welcoming view of our pool framed by the Valdarno Superiore valley will accompany you during your unique dining experience.


Inside Resort 37 take place our “Al Pruno” Restaurant, where you can taste typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition executed in a contemporary key. Our cuisine is characterized by a careful selection of excellent quality raw materials in order to offer customers only the best of our territory and traditions. The dishes, studied in detail and prepared by expert hands, are designed with great attention to the use of zero-kilometer products to match the typical flavors of Tuscany, with careful reinterpretations that make them innovative and unique. The menu of the “Al Pruno” Restaurant pays attention to the preferences of all guests, and it includes gluten free and vegetarian proposals.
To accompany the various dishes and enhance their flavors, a selected wine list is proposed – red, white and rosé – in order to ensure a complete culinary experience.

The chef

We are proud to introduce you our Executive Chef Yuri Ferrara, that is in charge to manage our kitchen and to oversee our menu.
Born in 1980, Yuri Ferrara cultivated a great passion for food at an early age. Thanks to his higher studies in the chemical-biological field, he is later able to manage with subjects related to cooking and innovative cooking techniques, such as molecular cooking, with great confidence. During his youth, he enriched his knowledge thanks to his experience abroad and to increasingly specialised cooking courses and diversified work paths. He graduated from the Accademia Italiana Chef, completing his course as a professional Chef, and attended specific master classes on innovative cooking techniques, such as gluten-free, low-temperature, sous-vide and molecular. Chef Yuri Ferrara, current president of the Valdarno Superiore Chefs Association, is the flagship of the Al Pruno restaurant.